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My QR Menu Contactless QR Code Menu For Restaurant

Innovative Solutions To Create Self-Designed QR Codes Menu For Restaurants

It is time to say goodbye to the physical menu as the QR Code has ushered in a new era of food in the age of the coronavirus. Also, it helps you to avoid wastage of unwanted time, for example, waiting for the order, delivery, or billing, which happens in most cafes and restaurants. Introducing the My QR Menu ordering system that will solve your food business problems and increase your sales. It was an easy, simple, effective, and user-friendly system. No apps are required to be downloaded. Just scan, choose the menu, and wait for your food to be delivered. Restaurants can choose to activate the types of services in terms of ordering foods and drinks from customers.

QR Code Digital Menu

Add menu categories, items, extras, variants, upload your menu images and add menu descriptions. You can activate or deactivate your menu in real time (live) at any time through your phone.

Table Management

Through tables management, set the name, table size and location of your table either inside, upper floor or outside the restaurant. Download the QR Code of each table, print and place the QR Code of the relevant table.

Ordering Solution

A new fast and efficient way to order your foods and drinks with an ideal contactless experience and to turn ideas into a reality and increase sales with its amazing features. Payment can be made over the counter or online.

Multiple Template

There are 3 types of menu template that you can choose; Flipbook View, Modern View and Classic View. Restaurants can choose their favorite template and rebrand the color of the menu template according to the restaurant’s color theme.

What is QR Code menu ?

QR Code menus are digital versions of physical menu cards at restaurants. Diners scan these QR Code menus to access the restaurant’s menu on their mobile phones. Each table has a unique QR code to ensure the restaurant can identify the position of the customer’s order.

STEP 1 : Scan QR Code

Use the phone camera or QR Application to scan the code.

STEP 2 : Choose menu

Scroll around the menu and make your order.

STEP 3 : Wait for your oder

Your order is instantly received and it’s coming!

1. Introduction Of My QR Menu

My QR Menu is the greatest QR menu creator because of the simple and rapid procedure of making a QR Code menu. With our no-contact digital menu creator, you can produce a QR code for your restaurant’s menu in under a minute. It enables your consumers to communicate with you in real time. Examine these four processes in the restaurant’s menu creation process.

2. Why QR Code Menu is Required

To prevent the transmission of COVID, avoidance of social distance and contact with objects is required. As a result, the QR Code menu, or contactless digital menu, is now a must-have for all restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. The physical menu is being phased out as the QR Code ushers in a new era of food in the age of coronavirus. It also helps you avoid wasting time doing things like waiting for your order, delivery, or bill, which happens in most cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels. With all of this in mind, there is no reason not to use the contactless QR code menu. In fact, it can solve all of these problems.

3. How Does QR Menu Work?

You can create your own menu with a self-designed QR code. Start a business with this contactless restaurant QR Code Menu Maker for each table location in your restaurant. Register, then fill out your restaurant’s details and create your menu. Then we connect it immediately to your QR code. We automatically attach it to your QR code. Once your brand new QR code is printed, place it where people can easily scan it. For example, on table tents, posters, your restaurant’s windows, or even on your napkins. With the help of this QR code digital menu builder, customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones. Please see the flow chart and video below to learn more about how our system processes customer orders.

4. Start by following these steps:

Step 1–> Register or sign in directly with your Google or Facebook account
Step 2–> Complete restaurant details, account settings
Step 3–> Create your restaurant menu
Step 4–> Add new tables and regions to your restaurant’s tables, then download and place the QR codes for each table
Step 5–> Upgrade your package plan to ensure that you always have access to all of the system’s capabilities

5. QR Builder

The QR code generator allows you to design QR codes as you want. You can change the foreground colour, background colour, padding, corner radius, etc. Also, you have the option to choose a mode of QR code with a logo (set your logo icon in the QR code), text (add your restaurant text or title in the QR code), or basic. Change the size of the logo icon and text or its position to look perfect. You have the option to download the QR Code in PNG format.

Once you have downloaded the QR Code, you can apply it to anything printed, from menus to marketing materials like flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards. We provide 3 pre-designed QR templates (flyers). You can download them and edit them for print and online advertising. No need to reprint your QR menu every time. You can choose to update your digital menu at any time. You have three menu options: Flipbook View, Modern View, and Classic View (grid layout, list layout, and both layouts). Please see the demo below or scan the QR code to view the demo.

Best Ways to Display QR Code

Once you upload your menu and create a QR code, you’ll need to post it around your restaurant. Here are some great ways to put your QR code where your customers can easily see and scan it:

QR Menu Table Sticker
Table Sticker

QR Stickers & Labels

Turn every surface into an opportunity to display your QR Code.

QR Menu table
Table insert

QR Tabletop Inserts

Just slide the insert into the holder and start scanning.

QR Menu Table Tent
Table Tent

QR Table Tents

Put the QR code with free-standing table tents.


QR Menus

Give your customers the option to scroll through a digital version of your menu on a phone.

QR Menu Board
Sandwich Board

QR Boards

Let passerby scan your QR code with free-standing sidewalk signage.

QR Menu poster

QR Posters

A cheap and effective means to post your QR code all over your windows and walls.


QR Flyers

Spread your menu all over town with flyers featuring your QR code.

Business Cards

QR Business Cards

Stand out when you network with business cards that make it easy for customers to look you up.

QR Menu drack card
Rack Card

QR Rack Cards

Make your promos pop with QR codes on rack cards.







5 Star


Simple, Easy, Fast



transactions / month

Easy menu updates

You can quickly change your menu items, prices, and descriptions that appear on your digital menu without reprinting them every time.

Notification Order

The notification features make it easy for restaurants to know right away when customers place orders.

Live Orders

The Live Order system makes it simple for restaurants to accept, process, and complete customer orders.

Whatsapp Food

Our system has been integrated with WhatsApp. Customer can send order from anywhere on your WhatsApp, complete chat and finalize order.

Printing Features

Restaurants can view order transactions and can print kitchen receipts and counter receipts as needed.

Daily Reports

Restaurants can download daily sales in excel and pdf format

Call Waiter

Customers can call the waiter on their phone if they need help.

Customer Taxes

Restaurants can add any type of tax charged to customers on their receipts.

Delivery Charge

Restaurants can charge a delivery fee based on the kilometer distance and delivery location for each delivery order.

Service Charges

If a customer chooses to pay their bill online, a restaurant may assess a bank service fee.

Happy customer

Provide customers with a simple method for placing orders and determining their order requirements within the system.

Become eco-friendly

The QR code menu allows restaurants to reduce the cost and environmental impact of printing disposable paper menus.

1. What to gain from My QRmenu?

Gains from using My QRmenu are;

  • 1. Restaurant owner – increase sales – compliant to COVID-19 requirements
  • 2. Customer – easy access to menu – to prevent the spread of COVID-19 

2. How to join?

Easy. Just click the join button provided in there; or let our agent register it for you. 

3. Can I use WhatsApp to order?

Yes you can. Because our system integrated with WhatsApp. 

4. Can my customer order their foods and want them to be delivered?

Yes they can. You can choose to activate your services for delivery. You also can activate other services such as Dine-in and Takeaway. 

5. What do I have to do after I joined?

You customised your QR code, create your menu, print your QR code and put them in a place that is easy access for customers to scan the QR code. 

6. Can I print customers bills?

Yes you can. My QRmenu let you print bills for your customers. 

7. What kind of payment option available for me as an owner to choose from as a payment method for my customers?

  • You can choose to be paid manually and by online. You can choose the following online method that you prefer;

    a. FPX – local bank (stripe)

    b. Paypal

    c. Paytm

    d. Mollie

    e. 2checkout

    f. Paystack

    g. CCAvenue

    h. Payumoney

8. What types of plan available?

Right now, My QRmenu provides 3 types of plan for you to choose from. There are;

    a.One-time Plan

    b.FREE Trial – 30 days

    c.Business Plan


9. Does My QRmenu need to be integrated with my POS (Point Of Sales) or do I have to buy a new system if I used My QRmenu?

No need to integrate and buy new system. You can still used your POS because ours only focus on menu and customers order. Payment can be made manually and if you also select to choose payment method by online, then you just need to check your online banking transactions. After the payment was confirmed, then you can use your POS to record the payment. 

Pricing Plan

Register, upload your menu, Print QR Code & Place it..

One-time Plan

  • Unlimited Menu Categories
  • Unlimited Items Per Category
  • Unlimited Scans Per Month
  • Allow restaurants to accept order
  • Allow calling the waiter
  • Allow on-table order
  • Allow takeaway order
  • Allow delivery order
  • Whatsapp Ordering System
  • Branding QR Code
  • QR Code theme PSD format
  • Menu development included
  • Restaurant online
  • Compliant to COVID-19 requirements
  • No contract
  • Free Setup

Trial – 14 days

  • 10 Menu Categories
  • 10 Menu Items Per Category
  • 600 Scans Per Month
  • Allow restaurants to accept order
  • Allow calling the waiter
  • Allow on-table order
  • Allow takeaway order
  • Allow delivery order
  • Whatsapp Ordering System
  • Branding QR Code
  • QR Code theme PSD format
  • Menu development included
  • Restaurant online
  • Compliant to COVID-19 requirements
  • No contract
  • Free Setup

Business Plan

  • Unlimited Menu Categories
  • Unlimited Menu Items Per Category
  • Unlimited Scans Per Month
  • Allow restaurants to accept order
  • Allow calling the waiter
  • Allow on-table order
  • Allow takeaway order
  • Allow delivery order
  • Whatsapp Ordering System
  • Branding QR Code
  • QR Code theme PSD format
  • Menu development included
  • Restaurant online
  • Compliant to COVID-19 requirements
  • No contract
  • Free Setup